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  • The MEDLAB 2019 Exhibition Report

    The MEDLAB 2019 Exhibition Report


    The MEDLAB 2019 exhibition

    The MEDLAB 2019 Exhibition and Congress taking place from 04 Feb to 07 Feb  in the world trade center Dubai targets to connect and empower the international medical industry and develop the value of laboratory medicine in shaping the future of healthcare. The event brought more than 19610 professionals and over 678 companies from 46 countries worldwide to showcase high-performance medical devices and consumables that enable better for decision making.

    As a leading Point of Care products provider, Hipro Biotechnology co. ltd enriched this event with unique fully automated immunoassay systems that typically suitable for point care application. Leading individuals from the field of business, research, politics and from distributors to medical laboratory professionals, showed great interests in Hipro‘s products. Over 200 new potential customers visited Hipro’s booth and had an on-site discussion for future cooperation. In addition, more than 50 former clients visited the booth, provided valuable feedbacks and would like to enhance the cooperation in the coming year.

    The event pioneered the growth of Hipro’s international clients, bridged the gap between Hipro and the customers, lead the way for Hipro to expand the international markets. Hipro successfully grabbed the outstanding opportunities to showcase cutting edge products that could potentially affect the future diagnostics and get awareness from the international customers. Thus, Hipro will put more effort to develop new point of care products to facilitate the end users in the future.

    The MEDLAB 2019 took place right during the Chinese New Year. Several thousands of Chinese from more than 120 companies scarified the opportunity to celebrate the biggest traditional festival with their families. Instead, they participated the event and showcase their products for a better human healthcare. Herein, Hipro gratefully thank all their effort for improving the human healthcare.

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